Energy Bar Toolkit 2.0.0 is here!

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  • 13 March, 2014
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Finally, long anticipated by many, it’s here! Energy Bar Toolkit 2.0.0! Say hello to atlases support!

New Features

Atlases Support!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, it is finally here! One draw call for all your bars on the scene! You can read here how to setup and use atlases for your bars. Now Energy Bar Toolkit is truly ready for mobile devices!


Bars outside the panel

Now you can move your bars in the hierarchy wherever you want! You can also freely instantiate your bars from prefabs like any other object. Bars are still using the panel for rendering purposes, but the limitation about placement in the hierarchy is no longer present. This feature greatly improves simplicity for placing your bars anywhere in the 3D space. Just move it outside the panel!

Mesh Sequence Renderer

This is the third of four renderers that has been moved to meshes. Sequence renderer allows you to create progress bars from a sequence of images. Now you’re able to place it in 3D and use texture atlases to reduce draw calls to one!


Bug Fixes

  • Mesh filled: Wrong smooth speed when burn effect was enabled
  • Mesh filled: Burn texture setting was ignored

Upgrading Instructions

Before upgrading your old Energy Bar Toolkit installation to 2.0.0, you should read the upgrade notes.

Where to get it?

It’s available now on the Unity Asset Store for only $25. Get it today! If you’ve bought it earlier you can update it for free from the Unity Editor! Just open Asset Store window (CTRL + 9), then click on the “downloaded” button, then “Update” next to Energy Bar Toolkit item.


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