Say hello to Mad Mesh Combiner!

Mad Mesh Combiner is our newest tool that version 1.0 has just been released in the Unity Asset Store for price of $5.

mad mesh combiner asset storeYep, that’s right! Only $5! This is limited-time promotion, so don’t hesitate. Usually these kind of promotions lasts forever, but in this case you will have one week to decide if you want it for $5 or $20 after (haha, it’s good to be evil!).

So, what it does?

Mad Mesh Combiner is mesh baking/combining tool. If you’re building a mobile game on Unity3D engine, then most probably you’d like to reduce the number of draw calls on your scenes. Of course there is dynamic batching (free Unity) and static batching (Unity Pro), but these are limited to the same material, number of verticles and you have to own Unity iOS Pro or Unity Android Pro to have static batching on mobiles.


  • Atlases support
  • Combines multiple materials into one
  • Tiled meshes support
  • Easy switching between source and combined objects
  • Ability to adjust object position even after combination
  • Option to leave source scripts enabled
  • Normal maps support
  • No scripting abilities required!
  • Super easy: select and combine!

Tutorial Video

Get it now!

Interested? You can buy it right here!

If you’ll encounter any issues, please write to We will fix it, we will listen, we will implement new features!