Loading Screens 1.1 is now available!

  • By uberadmin
  • 4 December, 2014
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Asset Mad Level Manager: Loading Screens 1.1 is now available in the Unity Asset Store. Read more to learn about new features in this version.

Don’t Destroy Objects

8bdee51d-4ef9-4d11-94fb-e64d6d2574e6This is the most important improvement introduced in this version. Until now Loading Screens 1.0 has been destroying all scene objects after the loading is completed. There are cases when you don’t want all objects to be destroyed like audio or some other management object marked with DontDestroyOnLoad(). Unfortunately currently there’s no way to tell if a game object has been marked that way, so in 1.1 We’ve introduced Don’t Destroy Objects field. Just fill it with persistent object names and Loading Screens script won’t be destroying these objects no more.

Notifications on level load and on level show

15682815-a3e1-4503-812b-5cab2189d0f8You may want to get notified when the level is loaded and when it is visible to the player. Please remember that the level can be loaded and hidden from the user until he/she will press the screen (“press anywhere to start” for example), that’s why there are two separate notifications instead of just one. The good example to use notifications is to start the music just before the level is shown.

Fixed iOS support

Usually iOS textures are imported very differently that on the other platforms. Loading Screens 1.1 is fixing this difference.

New Boogaloo font

The new Mad Level Manager version is introducing the new, better Boogaloo font created using BMFont. Loading Screens is using it by default.


How to upgrade

First please make sure that you have the latest Mad Level Manager package imported into your project! If not, you may encounter visual or compile errors.

In order to upgrade the package:

  1. Open Unity 3D,
  2. Go to Window -> Asset Store (Ctrl + 9) from the main menu.
  3. Click on the purchased content icon. 
  4. Use the Search field to find Loading Screens.
  5. On the right you will find the Update button. Click on it.2b5c7eae-b82c-43ee-8c2d-cb67883dc17b
  6. If you’re not seeing the Update button, this means that you have the latest version downloaded to the local storage and you may need to press the Import button to make sure that your newest package is imported.