Giveaway! Free vouchers for game developers!

Are you creating a game in Unity3D? That’s great! Maybe you will be interested in free vouchers on any Mad Pixel Machine products? If yes, please read on…

secretlondon-red-presentWe’d like to give away up to 10 free vouchers a month to Unity3D game developers. Redeeming these vouchers will gain you a lifetime license for one of our products on Unity Asset Store. The product will be bound to your developer account, so you will get all the updates and support as a regular client.

Products that you can be especially interested in are Mad Level Manager, Energy Bar Toolkit, Loading Screens for Mad Level Manager, Mad Mesh Combiner, Racing Gauges for Energy Bar Toolkit, Mad Level Manager Themes (marked as made by Mad Pixel Machine).

How to participate?

All you need to do is to post on your Facebook wall or Twitter page the URL to your game project, write down what tool you want to receive and mention us in your post (@MadPixelMachine) so we will receive a notification! At the end of each month we will randomly select the winners of the month!

The rules

  1. Only one game can be submitted per month.
  2. You may choose only one product that you want to receive per month.
  3. You cannot get more than one product license.
  4. You have to publish your Facebook/Twitter posts only on accounts that has been created more than 3 months ago and have at least 30 followers.
  5. Winners are chosen at the beginning of the following month. Only posts published in the previous month will participate in the competition. If you want to participate more than once, remember to post your message again next month.
  6. Do not post on the first or last day of the month. Your post may get forgotten due to differences in timezones.

Winners will be published each month on this page, our Facebook and Twitter!

Edit: Due to our country law we were forced to remove the word “randomly” from our rules.