Mad Level Manager 2.3.0 is here!

  • By uberadmin
  • 19 February, 2015
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Long anticipated Mad Level Manager version 2.3.0 has been released today! The hottest features are integration packages with Easy Save 2 and Anti-Cheat Toolkit, but there’s even more!

Integration with Easy Save 2 and Anti-Cheat Toolkit

OK, so what this is all about? If you own Easy Save 2 or Anti-Cheat Toolkit, now you can use Mad Level Manager as its storage backend! This simply means that all the game data saved by Mad Level Manager Save & Load subsystem can now be managed and secured by these 3rd party tools! C’mon, how cool is that?!

New swipe directions and paging for the Grid Layout

Now you’re not limited to swipe only from right to left, but you can do it in any direction! What’s more, you can fine-tune your paging method to achieve something like this (included in the package):

horizonatal zoom paging


iOS-like drag effect on edges

ios drag

And more!

New Features

  • Layouts can be configured to currently active Level Configuration instead of fixed one
  • API to connect your own save & load backend
  • Grid Layout: iOS-like drag effect on edges
  • Grid Layout: Paging offset by percent
  • New easier testing scene (MadLevelTester2)


  • Improved dragging on large areas

Bug Fixes

  • Unity 5: Shader fixes
  • Level Configuration: Fixed disappearing level when dragged & dropped
  • Fixed issue with pressing the swipe icon or next page icon during swiping
  • Fixed running of the game from level with extension
  • Some objects were painted multiple times
  • Fixed rebuilding when depth-based rendering is turned on

What’s next?

At this point we’re focusing on version 2.5.0. Wait, where’s 2.4.0?! There will be no 2.4.0! That’s because we want to point out the big jump we’re doing between this releases. Why not 3.0.0? Because 3.0.0 is a completely different story.

For 2.5.0 we’re planning to implement features such as advanced unlocking conditions and better group select screens. Yes, you could do a group select screen in previous Mad Level Manager versions, but the implementation was kinda hacky.

For 3.0.0 we’re planning to completely switch to uGUI. The current rendering engine is good, but it’s difficult to integrate with anything else, and you need to learn it (a little but still) in order to use it. uGUI implementation will put you in the already familiar environment and all you’ll need to do is to connect things together in order for your level select screen to be working.

Where to get it?

If you don’t own Mad Level Manager yet, you can buy it in the Unity Asset Store for $35. If you already own Mad Level Manager, then please follow these instructions:

In your Unity editor, please open Asset Store window (CTRL + 9), click on the “downloaded” button, then “Update” next to Mad Level Manager item. The newest version will download and unpack automatically. You will be prompted to confirm which files should be unpacked. It’s highly recommended to unpack all available files.



Trial Version

There’s Mad Level Manager trial version available! Test it for 14 days and decide if it is suitable for you!