Mad Level Manager 2.3.1 is out!

  • By uberadmin
  • 7 April, 2015
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Mad Level Manager 2.3.1 has been released! Of course this is mainly bug fix release but there is also a room for some new features and improvements.

New Features


  • MLM_Settings: Better error messages

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed NRE when assigning font to a text object
  • Unity 5: Workaround for Unity 5 finally bug (#675175)
  • Queries: Fixed errors on summing up integers and floats whey those are not set to any value
  • Level Configurator: Fixed NRE when opening new scene

Where to get it?

If you don’t own Mad Level Manager yet, you can buy it in the Unity Asset Store for $34.95. If you already own Mad Level Manager, then please follow these instructions:

In your Unity editor, please open Asset Store window (CTRL + 9), click on the “downloaded” button, then “Update” next to Mad Level Manager item. The newest version will download and unpack automatically. You will be prompted to confirm which files should be unpacked. It’s highly recommended to unpack all available files.



Trial Version

There’s Mad Level Manager trial version available! Test it for 14 days and decide if it is suitable for you!