Sketch Fiddle – Sketch your dreams!

  • By uberadmin
  • 30 April, 2015
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We’re working on a new project that may prove useful for all game developers out there. It’s an infinite collaborative drawing board!

412eac8e-7bb6-43b9-9a2a-8e582a010399The Internet era made many things a lot easier, but there’s still much to do in the matter of communication between people. Sketch Fiddle is a tool created for creative people who are working remotely and want to share their ideas by something more than writing or speaking.

They say that one picture is worth a thousand words. They’re right! Sketch Fiddle gives you unlimited freedom in sharing your pictures with everyone else. Just copy and paste the URL to anyone you want to join your board with. It’s just that easy!


What you can do with your work when you think you’re finished? Sketch Fiddle gives you the ability to export your drawing as a PNG file. You can also make it add the picture to your Trello board, publish on Facebook, Twitter or even send it by e-mail!


You can even insert images by just dragging & dropping the image file on the drawing area! It’s a great method of explaining your point of view!

Sketch Fiddle is now in alpha stage thus some features may be not working as expected. If you want to try it, just visit! You can also sign in to our newsletter, follow Sketch Fiddle on Facebook or Twitter!