Energy Bar Toolkit 3.0.4 has been released!

  • By uberadmin
  • 26 June, 2015
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The new version of Energy Bar Toolkit has been released! Read on to learn what new things to expect!

New sliced bar type

sliced bar


sliced bar 2

Sliced bar is one thing that EBT should have for a long time. It slices bar texture using sprite border settings so the bar’s beginning and end look the same regardless of fill value. Sliced bar can be created from the main menu: Tools -> Energy Bar Toolkit -> uGUI -> Create Sliced Bar.

Repeated bar last icon animations

repeated bar animation

If you like to add a little spice to your repeated bar, now you can set the last icon animation! You can simply do this by attaching Repeated uGUI Last Icon Animator script to your repeated bar. You will find a working example in Example 5 scene.

Script for easy uGUI bars spawning


Spawning object with attached bars can be difficult because GUI elements (such as bars) should be placed under the Canvas component and other object somewhere away from it. Now spawning the bars is really easy!

More changes

New Features

  • Added new example scene (example 6)
  • Created update info window
  • Created new example scenes
  • Added EnergyBarBase.ResetAnimations() for bars pooling. Use it when taking a bar from object pool.
  • PlayMaker: Created SpawnEnergyBarWithSpawner action using new Spawner component


  • Canvas finder does not necessary need to look for the Canvas component
  • Reorganized example scenes
  • Follow object component has new methods of camera and canvas lookup

Bug Fixes

  • uGUI: Fixed filled burn effect when Grow Direction is set to Radial and Offset/Length is set to any non-default value
  • Fixed Unity 5.1 RecalculateNormals() bug
  • uGUI: Follow object not working when Canvas set to Screen Space Camera
  • uGUI: Invalid follow object position when canvas is set to non-constant pixel size
  • uGUI: Follow object rotation sometimes was invalid
  • uGUI: Bars that are following an object not visible on screen no longer pop-up from nowhere
  • uGUI: Fixed visibility issue with burn effect when increasing bar value
  • uGUI: Removed Fill Direction: Color Change from Repeated Bar (not supported)

Where to get it?

It’s available now on the Unity Asset Store for only $30. Get it today! If you’ve bought it earlier you can update it for free from the Unity Editor! Just open Asset Store window (CTRL + 9), then click on the “downloaded” button, then “Update” next to Energy Bar Toolkit item.


energy bar toolkit update