Mad Level Manager

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mlmMad Level Manager is a Unity3D extension to make level management and saving/loading games easy. One of its most powerful features are level select screens that are generated based on current level configuration, and are optimized for mobile devices.

Main Features

  • Fully customizable level select screens
  • Automatically saving & loading games
  • Locked/unlocked levels support
  • Collectables support (like stars)
  • Rich and easy API
  • Mesh fonts support
  • Level groups
  • Level extensions (loading screens, scores, etc.)
  • Can be used with C#, JavaScript, and Boo projects
  • C# sources included
  • Works with free version of Unity >= 3.5.5, additional features for Unity Pro
  • Playmaker Integration
  • Atlases support
  • Many level select screen themes available on Asset Store

Mad Mesh Combiner

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mmcDid you know that the performance of your mobile game is mostly dependent on the number of draw calls your scene is generating? We’re proud to present a tool that will help you to reduce significantly the number of draw calls.

Mad Mesh Combiner combines meshes and materials to reduce draw call count on your scenes. Tested in production environment, now available in the Unity Asset Store!

Main Features

  • Atlases support
  • Combines multiple materials into one
  • Tiled meshes support
  • Easy switching between source and combined objects
  • Ability to adjust object transform even after combination
  • Option to leave source scripts enabled
  • Normal maps support
  • No scripting abilities required!
  • Super easy: select and combine!

Energy Bar Toolkit

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ebtEnergy Bar Toolkit is the most complete progress bar solution available in Unity Asset Store. Energy Bar Toolkit is a set of scripts to help you create progress or health bars that you need. It’s powerful and simple because you don’t need any scripting knowledge to create many kinds of beautiful and functional bars in a matter of minutes.

Main Features